Master your camera and unleash your creativity!


We offer two basic courses that build on one another, but can be attended independently. Both are aimed at beginners who want to use their camera more intuitively and get the best results from it. Both courses are fun, communicative, yet effectively designed to enable you to create better images.

Course 1 is all about getting started and walking away with first great results.

Course 2 requires basic knowledge of your camera functions, adds deeper compositional knowledge and more practical tricks to master common travel-, people- and portrait situations.

We recommend booking the BASIC PHOTOGRAPHY 1 course first if you need to understand the basic functionality of your camera.

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Basic Photography 1

Here you will learn how to use your camera for great and consistent results and actively compose your images.

  • Camera ergonomics and basics

  • Aperture, time and ISO

  • Expose correctly

  • Use of depth-of-field

  • Autofocus and manual focus

  • Movement and motion blur

  • Image composition rules

  • Practical tricks for better pictures

  • Image review

Our day

We start in a relaxed atmosphere with tea, coffee and a short, theoretical introduction. With camera in hand, we then seamlessly move into a practical part with simple exercises: Focus, aperture and exposure time..we realize that it’s not rocket science. We learn about various techniques for focusing and exposure control and use those in a controlled studio environment. We learn how to actively compose our images.

In the second half of the course we go outside (weather permitting) where we apply and deepen what we have just learned to typical portrait, family and travel situations. The course unit is being completed with practical tricks and hacks for even better results.

We then go back to the studio for a final image review.

Start: 11.00am, duration: 6hrs

Language: German. ENG/bilingual upon request



Immanuelkirchstrasse 6

(4th floor rear wing)

10405 Berlin

Basic Photography 2

We use our camera more intuitively and concentrate on lighting and creative image composition while enhancing our portrait skills.

  • Manual mode and use of semi-automatic

  • Exposure control and histogram

  • Motif selection and planning

  • Active image composition

  • Movement and motion blur

  • Creative composition

  • Tricks and tips for portrait, travel- and action photography

  • Active use of available light

  • Image review

Our day

We meet at the studio for soft drinks and a brief summary of the basic camera functions. We delve deeper into these in order to focus on more specific motive planning and creative control.

Then it's back to outdoor location to apply what we've just learned to practical situations. We discover cropping and the use of foreground, mid- and background dynamics to make our images stand out. We pay particular attention to portraits and people photography and use light modifiers and things that the environment has to offer.

Back at the loft, we discuss our results and round them off with a few simple hacks and handy post-processing tricks.

Start: 11.00am, duration: 6hrs

Language: German. ENG/bilingual upon request



Immanuelkirchstrasse 6

(4th floor rear wing)

10405 Berlin



What to bring

Food: Please cater to yourselves. We won't starve you so we will provide the basics: Water, tea, coffee and some nibbles. And we do provide you with plates and glasses at your convenience.

Curiosity: There are no sillly questions! So prepare yourself to grill us on everything you need to know.

A friend: Learning together is fun! So no issues with couples or a group! We charge for every attendant individually, but we offer a discount of 15% on all bookings exceeding one person.

Yourself truly: Of course we also encourage you to come alone and meet new people!

A camera: At the moment we do not offer in-house camera rentals, so please bring your own, anything will do!

What to expect

Learning is fun! Especially within a community of creative minds. So let's make this a fun day and an extraordinary one, too! As much as this is a course, we regard it as an event that you will keep in your memory.


We learn as a group but we tend to each individual in a one-on-one fashion. This is why our courses are restricted to 7 people max. So we can make sure that we learn from each others challenges as much as from our own.


Our teaching is practical, hands-on and delivered in comprehensible packages that built upon one another. Every attendant walks home with a PDF summary booklet as a refresher and to keep the course content fresh and accessible in future.